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Alicante Airport Parking

Part of the multi-million euro revamp of the airport was for a new parking area. The new parking area opened at the same time as the new terminal and has space for 6,200 vehicles. It is directly opposite the new terminal, so it is only a short walk from the terminal. This area offers short-term and long-term parking, as well as housing spaces for rental vehicles.

The building looks like a futuristic cube, so it is very easy to spot, as well as being signposted from the airport. There are two entrances, but only one is for public parking, so as long as you follow the parking signs, it will be quite straightforward to enter. The second entrance is for returning a rental car, and it is signposted as 'Car rental', so you should not get confused.

Be aware that the new parking area has a maximum height limit of 2.1 meters. If you are in a vehicle taller than this, such as a motor home, you will not be able to enter. A Tall vehicle can park in the old car park that is open air. This is located opposite the old terminal building, so it is a little further to walk to the new terminal.

Where to Park and Costs

The parking area has five floors. Level 5 is on the roof and open air, where level 0 is on the ground floor. You are free to park anywhere in the designated bays, but a good tip would be to park on level 4 if there is space. The walkways to the terminal building are all located on level 4, so parking on this level will avoid you getting in and out of elevators.

The walkways from the parking area lead you to an intermediate floor in the terminal, which is level 1. From here, you must enter an elevator and go up to level 2 for departures, or down to level 0 for arrivals.

Parking prices look a little confusing when you look at the sign with the fares. What you will see is the following:

  • 0.030167 € per minute.
  • 18.30 € maximum per day from 1 to 4 days.
  • 14.65 € maximum per day for each additional day.

For long-term parking, it is quite straight forward, but for short-term parking where you may only stay for 1 hour, you will need a calculator to work out the cost! To make it simple though, it costs €1.81 per hour (€0.030167 x 60) to park short term.

Long-term parking is rather expensive. From the prices above it will work out at €117.15 for the first week, and €102.55 for subsequent weeks.

External Long Term Car Parks

If you are looking to park your vehicle for a period of 2 days or longer, searching for an external parking provide would be highly recommended. There are many companies located close to the airport that operate private car parks. They all offer a free shuttle bus to and from their parking lots to the terminal, so they are well worth looking into as they offer lower prices than the official airport parking.

Prices vary between providers, but you will find prices start from €24.00 per week in low season, and slightly higher in high season. This is nearly 80% less than the official airport parking!

The easiest way to compare prices and to book your parking is by using the form at the top of this page. This form takes you to, who we have collaborated with, and they can offer you great discounts. They can provide you with an exact quote for each supplier, along with customer ratings and the distance from the airport, so making a choice is simple.

Below is a list of popular external providers at Alicante airport.

  • ParkinGo
  • Umbrella Parking Alicante
  • V.I.P. Parking Alicante
  • Ecoparking Alicante
  • Low-Cost Parking Alicante
  • Aquacar Parking
  • AUPA Parking
  • Open Parking
  • Parking10
  • Victoria Parking
  • Pink Parking
  • ALC Valet Airport Parking
  • Kerstin Engel Parking
  • Easypark VIP