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Wi-Fi Access at the Airport

Alicante airport has an internet service that allows you to connect to the internet from your laptop, mobile phone or any other device that has Wi-Fi technology. This service is offered by Eurona Telecom and it is free to connect and use at a limited download speed, or there is a premium service available for higher download speeds. The free service is available anywhere within the terminal building and it is unlimited and has no time duration, but it's just restricted on the download speed and is supported by advertisements.

The premium service that is offered allows a much fast download speed and is unlimited for the period of time you purchase. There are also no advertisements for this service. The costs of the premium service are as follows:

  • €7.50 for 45 minutes of premium internet access
  • €9.00 for 60 minutes of premium internet access
  • €15.00 for 24 hours of premium internet access
  • €40.00 for 3 days of premium internet access
  • €70.00 for 1 month of premium internet access

Please note that it is a non-stop service, so the time starts from when you first connect and will run for that time period purchased.

How to Connect

You will need a Wi-Fi compatible device to connect to this service. With a compatible device, you will then be able to follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Search for the network "Airport_Free_Wifi_AENA"
  3. Wait for a new browser page to open, or manually open a browser page to be redirected to the welcome page
  4. Select the type of service you require – There are two options which are named 'sponsored service', which is free, or 'premium service'. You will need to enter your credit card details for the premium service.
  5. Agree to the terms of use and then click 'Connect'.

Useful Links

If you wish to find out more information about this service, you can visit the website for Eurona Telecom or contact them using the following information.