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Alicante Airport Departures

The table above shows you real time information of flight taking off from Alicante airport. It's always advisable to the departure time before you live in case there are any delays or even cancellations to flights that could affect you. If you are departing from Alicante airport then reading through the following may be useful for you since things have changed with the opening of the new NAT Terminal.

Alicante's new terminal is an impressive new building that is modern and light. It cost around £550 million to build, so you would expect this. It is 6 times larger than the previous 2 terminals combined, and it now has 96 check-in counters, 40 boarding gates including 15 with air bridges, and capable of handling over 7,500 pieces of luggage every hour. The new departure area is located on Level 2. All public transport method will drop passenger off here, so its just a short walk to the terminal.

Check-In Procedure

When you depart from the airport ensure you arrive and check in on time. The standard times apply which is check in 1 hour before departure with domestic flight, 2 hours before departure for European flights and 3 hours before departure for Long haul flights.

When you first enter the terminal you should check which check-in counter you should proceed to. The counters are numbered, starting from 1, and you will find the correct counter number by checking the large screens right as you enter the departure area. At the check-in counter you will need all your documents, so have them on hand for all passenger. If you have any overweight baggage you may have to proceed to a second counter dedicated for large baggage. The check-in staff will advise if this is necessary, if not you can proceed to the security check area.

If you wish to have a coffee or snack before you go through security check, then you will find a Tapas bar and a Fast food restaurant located right next to the security check area. This will be the last place to say goodbye to any family before you depart as its restricted access after you have passed security.

The Departures Hall and Boarding your Plane

As you enter the departures hall you will again see large monitors in several location which will display boarding information. Keep an eye on these during your stay and they will tell which boarding to proceed to and when.

Since it you may have to wait 1 or 2 hours until you board your plane, you will find many facilities and shops at in the terminal to keep you occupied. There is free Wi-Fi and charging spots for your mobile phones, cash machines and a VIP Lounge. Some of the main shop that are currency located in the terminal include the following:

  • Fashion & Accesories
    • Cottet
    • Desigual
    • Las Lilas
    • Swarovski
    • Travel Mate
    • Tuc Tuc
    • Your Fashion Store
    • Zapatos y accesorios
    • El Corte Inglés
  • Convenience Stores
    • The Shop
    • The Express Shop
    • Arrival Shop
  • Press & Books Shop
    • Librería Luces
    • News & Books
    • Relay
  • Gifts and Homeware
    • Story Store
    • Superskunk
    • Crystal Media Shop
  • Drug Store
    • Parafarmacia
  • Bars and Cafes / Ice Cream
    • Caffriccio
    • Cañas y Tapas
    • Carling Pub
    • Chocolatería Valor
    • Il Caffè di Roma
    • Starbucks
    • Helados Farggi
  • Restaurants and Fast food
    • Aire Tapas Bar
    • La Pausa
    • ARS
    • Burger King
    • Rodilla
    • Subway
    • The Air Food Court
    • Sibarium
    • Sweet Aldeasa

Drop Off Zone for Passengers

If you are travelling to the airport just to drop off a passenger then it is not necessary to park your car and buy a ticket. You will find a very large drop off zone just outside of the departure area of the terminal, so there is plenty of space you stop and remove all luggage whilst you drop off your passenger. As you enter the airport just following the "Drop Zone" signs and it will lead you directly to the drop off zone.

If you do want to wait or help your passenger through the check-in process you will be required to park in the short term car park. You should only leave your car for 5 minutes in the drop off zone, so leaving it longer than this can incur a fine. You can find more about parking on our parking page here.

Contacting the Airport

You can contact the departure hall directly on (+34) 966 919 400 if you need any more information.

If you are looking to get to Alicante airport we have information dedicated to different forms of transportation. If you are looking to catch a bus from Benidorm, Denia or any other city on the Costa Blanca, have a book at our travelling by bus page for routes and prices. Since arriving by train is also an option you will find where train depart and the ticket prices on our travelling by train page.