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Alicante Airport Arrivals

If you are travelling to the airport to collect and friend or relative, you will find ample parking spaces available close to the arrivals hall. You will easily be able to park your car and walk into the arrivals hall and await your passenger. In the arrivals hall there is only 1 door where passenger exit, so if you wait near this door you should be able to easily find your passenger. To find out more about parking charges and our advice on parking at the airport, visit our parking page.

For passenger arriving at the airport, the process is very much like any other airport. International passenger must pass security and passport control before they collect their luggage. At the new terminal there are plenty of desk and officers to make this process as quick as possible, so waiting will be minimal. After you have finished you can proceed to baggage reclaim.

Passenger from domestic flights don't need go through passport control, so they can proceed directly to the baggage reclaim area.

Baggage Reclaim

The baggage reclaim area in the new terminal is located in the group floor. Both domestic and international passenger have to pass through a walkway to get here, but it's well signposted and just a short walk.

There are 12 belts in the baggage reclaim area. Each belt is numbered and a flight number is displayed in a monitor above the belt, so ensure you remember your flight number so you wait at the correct belt. As you enter the reclaim enter there is also a monitor list all flight number and the belt you should proceed to.

After you have collected all your luggage you can leave the reclaim are and pass customer control. If you have anything to declare you must do it at this point, otherwise you will proceed to the arrivals hall.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

Something that can happen is you luggage get lost or damaged during transit. It has happened to many people, but there are swift procedure to help you out.

There are some standard procedure that you will have to go through. A lost or damaged property form must be filled out, one is available in English, and you must inform them where you are staying if your luggage is lost so it can be delivery to free of charge. Luggage that has been lost when usually be delivered the next day.

In case all your luggage is missing and you have nothing but the clothes you are wearing, you can ask for a survival package, which is an emergency bag that will cover your basic needs.

Do many sure you double check your luggage for damage before you leave the building, as you won't be able to make a claim after you have left. The luggage claim desk is located in the reclaim area, just 10 meters from the belts.


If you need to contact the arrival area for any reason, you can call their direct number: (+34) 966 919 400

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